Power Solutions for Safety & Security Equipment,Industrial

Industrial equipment, instrumentation batteries mean batteries for industrial equipments, instruments. Industry rechargeable battery experienced from SLA batteries, Ni-CD batteries, Ni-MH batteries, Lithium batteries. Due to the environmentally unfriendly features and bulky size, SLA , Ni-CD batteries are being eliminated step by step, and with the good safety performance and environmental friendly features, with the good performance in high voltage, high capacity, long life, no pollution, the Ni-MH battery & Lithium battery are widely used in the field of industrial computer, GPS tracking devices, Hand Held devices, Back Up batteries, Portable devices, Tracking and Telemetry, Electronic equipment, Instruments and Gauges, Portable equipment, Water Flow Measuring equipment, Smart Gas/Electricity meters, Oceanographic Analysing equipment, Police Surveillance and Covert equipment, etc.


E&J has more than ten years of experience to offer the highest performing batteries available today.  We offer standard and custom battery solutions, along with a first-rate testing facility to meet all of your power and compliance needs. E&J has multiple certifications and a validated manufacturing process which decreases any quality and warranty issues for your customers.

E&J has the below strong battery items to use on the safety and security equipments:

Low temperature Lipo battery

12V lifepo4 battery-replacements for traditional lead-acid battery

lithium 9V battery

Ultra thin lithium and lipo battery

Alkaline battery pack