Energy Storage

Power Solutions for Enegy Storage

       Storage battery refers to various emergency batteries, with various requirements for battery’s cycle life, working condition, environmental protection, and the good performance in high voltage, high capacity, long life, no pollution, the lithium battery are more and more used in relevant energy storage systems, including: home energy storage systems, military portable energy system, portable emergency communications power system, solar street lighting systems, communication power supply systems, monitoring station power systems, integrated energy storage systems, solar power systems, etc.


        E&J is professional in designing complete power solutions for the most demanding applications (military, automotive, FAA, etc), we feel the time is right to integrate Lithium-ion into the Energy Storage equation.


         Lithium-ion has many advantages over Lead Acid including higher voltage, greater energy density, reduced weight, tolerates higher temperatures, faster recharge time, more discharge cycles, deeper discharge tolerance, and the ability for remote monitoring - among others.  Read more about the advantages of the Lithium Ion chemistry.


         Our ability to integrate batteries, charging solutions, monitoring and our strong partnerships with wind, solar, fuel cell and power management companies ensure we can address all our markets with the right solutions.




Our energy storage technologies are ideal for:

Solar/wind power storage, UPS/EPS 

Electric vehicles, forklifts 

DC power systems, AC to DC inverter system

Fire alarms, security systems, emergency lighting 

• Forward Operating Bases (FOB)

• Marine Applications

• Military

Street and city lighting project 

Beacon lights, traffic lights, car starting, lighting 

Telecommunications, communications, mobile communication base stations