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            E&J group has successfully developed LiFePO4 battery technology widely used on EV applications. Batteries can offer high peak power even near the end of discharge, almost the same as fully charged state, which makes electric vehicles perform well.E&J lithium iron phosphate battery will be widely used on different EVs, such as battery electrical vehicle (BEV), plug-in hybrid electrical vehicle (PHEV), and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV).


 Light Traction vehicles
            Light traction vehicles, like electric scooters, motorcycles, and some other similar light vehicles, are the huge market for LiFePO4 battery applications, definitely would flourish in the following decade.
            E&J LiFePO4 battery has light weight and optimized size. Light weight means energy would be saved due to the weight reduction, which gives longer driving distance for an EV after one-charge. Optimized batteries are suitable to replace Lead Acid battery of group 31, 4D, 8D, T-105, GC2, L-16 etc. Our LFP batteries can also replace Ni-CD and Ni-MHx batteries in some applications.

             With mass production and high quality control, E&J can offer very competitive price as well as high quality. Currently, LiFePO4 batteries are prospering. We are willing to cooperate with you to win a great share in this great market.




E&J developed LiFePO4 battery technology for various applications. 
1. Long cycle life without memory effect. 
2. High C-Rate discharge / charge capability. 
3. High energy density, small size, light weight.
4. Good performance at high & low temperatures. 
5. Environmentally friendly. 
6. Intrinsically safe.
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