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NMEA2000 lifepo4 batteries and NMEA2000 smart shunt available for order


E&J Technology Group designed and produced high-end NMEA2000 compatible 12.8V(12V), 25.6V(24V),38.4V(36V) lifepo4 batteries capacity range cover 100Ah,150Ah, 165Ah,180Ah,200Ah,250Ah,280Ah, 300Ah,304Ah,480Ah for marine field. And also produced the NMEA2000 smart shunt and smart battery monitors series from 150A,500A,1000A,2000A. Customers can easily read the battery SOC/Capacity/Temperature/Remain capacity/Alerts from E&J batteries and E&J battery monitors through NMEA2000 network.


More details related to EMEA2000 lifepo4 batteries and NMEA2000 smart shunt/battery monitors from E&J Technology Gruop, pls contact us for details.


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