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E&J bluetooth APP active balance system 1.0A 2.0A 10A for lifepo4,lto,li-ion


E&J bluetooth APP active balance system promises higher efficiency. The possibility of mobile phone bluetooth APP maintenance also saves time and money, because service trips are minimized and much remotely can be remedied. Active balancing underlines our commitment to deliver efficient components for energy-saving homes. - Bluetooth APP communication - Big balance current 1.0A, 2.0A or 10A versions for optional - the entire active balancing and thus the high efficiency of the battery and thus the extended battery life - possibility to use any LithIum cell available in the free market - flexibility in sizing the entire storage and associated unlimited capacity of the storage - Compatibility to balance all lithium-ion batteries, lifepo4 batteries, lifeypo4 batteries, LTO batteries, like Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, LG, SONY, THUNDERKSY, VALENCE, WINSTON, EJBATTERY,SINOPOLY, CALB, HEADWAY, YINLONG,etc.. - Good price / performance ratio