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Bluetooth name libattxxxx, EJxxxxxxxx are marked for the E&J smart batteries


E&J Technology Group Co., Ltd are the leading manufacturer of smart lifepo4 batteries build in smart active balancing BMS and using the bluetooth name libattXXXX(XXXX for different number for different batteries) and EJxxxxxxxx(xxxxxxxx is different number for different batteries).

For example, libatt1301,libatt12BF, libatt12E2,libatt12C7, etc..

And EJ22080101, EJ22080091, EJ22080103, EJ22080216, etc..

E&J technology group is also do the OEM and ODM for worldwide customers who is professional in selling high quality batteries worldwide. And we are also looking forward to the partner who can work ask our distributor to sell our smart battery monitors, smart active balancing BMS/balancers, smart lifepo4 batteries worldwide.