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E&JBMS support communication cover bluetooth APP, RS485, UART, CAN are available


EJ-BMSV8 series is mainly apply for 24V~60V lifepo4/li-ion/lifeypo4/li-nmc battery packs. EJ-BMSV8 designed with intelligent management ICs which supportRS485/URAT/Bluetooth communication and support APP to display the battery datas on the mobile phone and external LCD display. EJ-BMSV8 not only can manage the battery cells not over charged and not over discharged, not short circuit or not over temperature, it also can read and display the batterys cycle life, batterys capacity, batterys cell voltage, battery cell temperature and also battery current, etc..High safety and high accuracy data monitor function to protect the battery pack and learn well their performance.

1, BMS assemble instruction.

2. Battery real time monitoring(cell voltage, battery charge/discharge current, battery voltage, battery temperature, battery SOC)

3. Battery data setting.

4.  Battery cycle life data record.