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E&J 12V LiFePO4 batteries 20Ah to 300Ah with BMS support Bluetooth 4.0 APP


E&J Technology Group Co., Ltd developed 12V LiFePO4 batteries series 20Ah to 300Ah Bluetooth 4.0 APP communication replacement for the traditional lead acid agm batteries. The battery data include battery SOC, battery cell voltage, battery capacity, battery temperature, etc.. The 12V lifepo4 batteries build in BMS/PCM with Bluetooth 4.0APP also can protect the battery pack not over-charged, not over-discharged, not short circuit, not over temperature and also can release alarm signal. Welcome customers contact us for details information.


·         Replacement lead-acid battery ( AGM battery / deep cycle battery / gel battery )

·         RV, Solar Energy Storage ect.

·         High energy density

·         About 1/3 the weight of lead-acid batteries.

·         Environment friendly, no pollution

·         No memory effect, 2000 times cycle-life

·         Safe and reliable, no explosion when piercing, no fire when over voltage

·         Low self discharge

·         High power, maximize discharge current up to5C

·        Support bluetooth 4.0 APP communication with smart phone, RS232/RS485/UART communication for optional.


Golf cart, Golf trolley, Solar System, UPS, Telecommunication Base Station, Marine, Energy Storge, Computer Room, Outdoor Portable Power Supply, RV camper / Caravan ect