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E&J developed high accuracy battery monitors to help battery user become smarter


E&J technology group develoed the bluetooth precision battery monitors EJ-BM21 and EJ-BM21S to help the battery users to know well on the batteries they used.

The EJ-BM21 and EJ-BM21S support bluetooth 4.0 communication to let battery users read the battery datas include battery SOC, battery capacity, battery current, battery cycle life, battery temperature under charging/discharging/sleeping status. By using this smart EJ-BM21 and EJ-BM21S battery monitors, everyone can know the battery they are using is good or bad.

For example, you not only can know the high precision battery SOC by using EJ-BM21/EJ-BM21S , you also can test the battery capaciy high accuracy to judge the battery you are using is real capacity or fake capacity.

You also can use EJ-BM21 and EJ-BM21S to test the battery working current(charge or discharge), you can know the charger whether supply the real charging current(enough power watt) or not. You also can know one battery whether build in the power type battery cells and power type BMS or not by using the EJ-BM21/EJ-BM21S to read high accuracy working current for EJ-BM21/EJ-BM21S can caculate the current high efficiency.

If you want to test the battery self-discharge rate, you also can use EJ-BM21/EJ-BM21S to test the battery capacity when your battery is under full charged, and keep the full charged capacity battery to store one month and then do the discharging testing to know there still how much capacity inside the battery. Compred the full charged capacity and the remain capacity after storing the battery one month, you can know how capacity is self-discharged during one month without using the battery.

E&J Technology group also produced the high end battery using top raw battery material, you can use our battery monitors EJ-BM21/EJ-BM21S to test the above performance of our lifepo4 batteries and other type batteries, then you will not only like our batteries, but also our battery monitors very much.

E&J Technology group held the professional R&D team on desinging and professional production team on producing the batteries and battery BMS/balancers(active balancing or passive balancing), battery monitors, we also support customize on the software/app/hardware/package/logo on our products for worldwide famous customers who order big qty goods from us and get good reputation worldwide.