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E&J manufacture stick LFP LiFePO4 38120 battery pack 12V 10Ah for solar lighting


E&J technology group manufacture custom stick LFP LiFePO4 battery pack 12V 10Ah for portable solar lighting




E&J technology group designed and manufactured the high quality cylindrical PCM/BMS suitable to the cylindrical 38120 LFP LiFePO4 battery to build in stick pack shape and fit for the most of stick solar led street lightings. The eco-friendly long cycle lifepo4 battery pack can support high temperature discharge and it is quite suitable to all type of solar lightings and can be custom made in different shape to fit.


Technology Parameters for 38120-10Ah cell:

Physical and mechanical characteristics                                                  

Diameter                                                                                     38mm

Height                                            130mm (120mm without terminals)

                                                 Positive terminal  Al  Φ14mm L: 5mm

                                                 Negative terminal  Cu  Φ14mm L: 5mm

Weight                                           approx. 260g

Volume without terminals                          0.136 L

Case material                                    Aluminum

Chemical characteristics                                                     

Positive electrode                                 Lithium iron phosphate

Negative electrode                                Graphite

Electrical characteristics*                                     

Nominal voltage                                 3.2V

Nominal capacity at 1.0C                          10Ah

Minimum capacity at 1.0C                         9.5Ah

DC Resistance                                    ≤4mΩ

(30min charge @ 1C/50% SOC/ 20℃)

Specific energy at 1C                              117Wh/kg

Energy density at 1C                              223Wh/L

Specific power                                   1077W/kg

(10C discharge/ 100% SOC)

Power density                                    2059W/L

(10C discharge/ 100% SOC)

Operating conditions*                                                              

Recommended charge method                   Constant current-constant voltage

End of charge                                    I≤0.02C

Recommended charge voltage                    3.65V

Recommended charge current                     up to 5A (0.5C)

Continuous charge current                         up to 10A (1C)

Maximum charge current                          up to 20A (2C)

Recommended voltage limit for discharge        2.2V

Lower voltage limit for discharge                  2V

Recommended discharge current                 up to 10A (1C)

Maximum continuous discharge current          up to 100A (10C)

Operating temperature                            -10℃ to +55℃

Recommended charge temperature               0℃ to +40℃

Storage and transport temperature                 -20℃ to +55℃

Cycle life at 20℃ and 100% DOD                 > 2000 cycles to 80% nominal capacity

(1C charge, 1C discharge @ CC/CV)