• Product Name: E&J 500A Smart Shunt with history data log record and download
  • Subtitle:
  • E&J 500A Smart Shunt battery monitor is high precision smart battery monitor build in 500A shunt which can caculate the current come in and out to the battery and monitor the battery SOC, battery current, battery voltage,storage battery data log history record and support export the data on the E&J Smart battery monitor APP.


Product Description:

 High precision smart shunt
Display charging voltage, charging current, charged ampere-hours, charged SOC
- Remaining time at the current rate of full charged
- One button wake up function for lifepo4/lithium batteries
- Charging curve&charging performance analyzing on the APP
– High precision/accuracy

Installed in the car battery Real-time Monitoring through
Receive notification of battery conditions when entering the BT range
Alert users if the charge is low
Check vehicle cranking system automatically while the engine is starting
Check charging system (alternator)
List the time of each driving
Alert mobile phone if some data abnormal
Short-circuit and reverse connection protection
Automatic synchronization when enter BT range
Compatible with all 12-volt vehicle batteries
Review historical data graphically
Engine starting to detect automatically
Data stored in battery monitor up to 35 days if out of sync
Protection of short-circuiting and reverse connection
Free app for both iOS & Android


Voltage and battery charge status monitoring
Recording of minutely, hourly, and daily voltage histories
BT Low Energy (BLE) to transmit voltage samples to smartphones, tablets, Internet gateways, etc.
Very low energy consumption
Android app for displaying current voltage and voltage histories
- Battery voltage, current, power, ampere-hours remained, and state of charge
- Remaining time at the current rate of discharge
- Programmable visual and audible alarm for optional(EJ-BM16 model)
- Programmable & cablicate data on the APP
- 500 Amp quick connect shunt and connection kit
- Shunt selection capability up to 10.000 Amps
- RS485 or CANBus communication port for optional
- Support PC software&APP on phone to stores a wide range of historical events, which can be used to evaluate usage patterns and
battery health
- Wide input voltage range: 8-80V or 8-120V
– High precision/accuracy
- Low current consumption: less than 1Ah per month