• Product Name: Smart 12.8V 165Ah lifepo4 DIN 200A continuous discharge
  • Subtitle:
  • Smart 12.8V 165Ah lifepo4 DIN battery build in self-desgign active balancing 3.0A BMS, support 200A continuous discharge,400A peak discharge for RVs,motorhome,caravan,forklift,AGV,medical equipment,etc..


Key features:

  • Replacement for traditional 12V-48V lead-acid battery.
  • 200A continuous discharge, 400A peak discharge.
  • Build-in Battery 3.0A active balancing BMS
  • Up to 4 modules in series to be 12/24/36/48V.
  • No Limited in parallel
  • High/cold temperature cut off.
  • OEM is available.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 function

We have our own professional BMS technical developing team and own APP developer who can support your customized HW and SW, such as we currently are developing the APP supports to monitor multiple batteries at the same time.Also, the APP can check the details for batteries when it's in parallel. Total capacity, average current, temperature, etc.

In addition, our active balancing BMS system can move the energy from the high voltage cell to the low voltage cell during charging and enable each cell which means the whole pack can be fully charged each time. This can extend the whole battery life and get the most out of the battery. Providing exceptional performance and lifetime.